Sam Roberts Wrestling Podcast

Jinder Mahal talks to Sam about his unexpected rise over the last year and 1/2, his relationship with Vince McMahon, what he said to Vince to instill confidence, losing the championship suddenly, where he's at now, and more.

Sam breaks down his top 5 stories in the State of Wrestling.

1) Smackdown needs a shot in the arm

2) Punk being courted for All In

3) Single branded ppvs are official

2) Jeff Jarrett in the Hall of Fame

1) Raw's Gauntlet Match


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Booker T talks to Sam about how his perceived beef with Corey Graves got started, and what he thought of the reaction.  We also talk about his time in WCW, the nWo, becoming a "WWE Superstar," the ridiculous things he's done in the name of entertainment, and more.


Sam talks about HBO's new Andre The Giant documentary that he got to see an advanced screening of, then goes over the top 5 stories of the week in the State of Wrestling.

5) Elias, The Miz, and Braun

4) Nikki Bella wrestling at a house show in March

3) Sasha Banks and Bayley

2) Ronda Rousey promised to change the landscape

1) Single branded ppvs?

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Renee Young talks to Sam about her journey to WWE, her marriage to Dean Ambrose, changing her name on Instagram, Talking Smack, and more.  


Sam goes over his top 5 stories in the State of Wrestling-


5) Daniel Bryan wants to wrestle

4) Elias is a big star

3) Corey Graves vs Booker T

2) Alexa Bliss calls out Kurt Angle

1) Cody v. Omega

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Titus O'neil talks to Sam about where he's at today, his suspension, coming in through NXT, the Prime Time Players, his upbringing, charity work, and more- then he inducts Sam in to Titus Worldwide!


In State of Wrestling, Sam goes over his top 5 stories:

5) Royal Ruymble/TakeOver Recap

4) Wrestlemania 35 location

3) Rockstar Spud debuts

2) Asuka v Sasha & Cena v. Balor

1) Ronda Rousey

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Bruce Prichard, JBL, and Eric Bischoff sit down in the same room, at the same time, to talk to Sam about the days of the monday night wars, Eric coming to WWE, how talent felt, working with Vince and Stephanie McMahon, and more.

Sam goes over his experience at RAW 25, and previews the Royal Rumble in this weeks State of Wrestling, highlighting the week's top stories-


5- Raw 25

4- CM Punk return rumors

3- Enzo Amore, and 205 Live problems

2- NXT Takeover Philly

1- Royal Rumble

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WOKEN Matt Hardy talks to Sam about the Woken War, Bray Wyatt, the rest of the Woken Universe, and gives us an impromptu piano performance from Rebecca.  Sam talks about Raw 25, and goes over the top 5 stories in the State of Wrestling, with ideas for Braun Strowman and EC3.  This week it's -

5. Banned things on Raw (moves and words, Braun Strowman notes)

4. Jey Uso and Roman Reigns trouble

3. Goldberg is going in to the Hall of Fame

2. New signees War Machine, Ricochet, Candice LaRae, and... EC3?

1. Paige is injured

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Dalton Castle's first interview since becoming ROH Champion is in the notsam Studios with Sam Roberts.  Dalton talks winning the title, his schedule not being heavy enough, when he found out, watching what the Elite are doing, going beyond his character and entrance, and more.  Sam goes over his top 5 stories of the week in the State of Wrestling.


5. Monday's Raw

4. "All In" Gets a Date

3. Legends announced for Raw 25

2. Daniel Bryan's "heel turn"

1. Triple H meets with Ronda Rousey

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Sam reviews NJPW Wrestle Kingdom 12 in this State of Wrestling Bonus Show!

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Pete Gas returns to talk to Sam about Daniel Bryan returning, playing dominoes with Undertaker, getting beaten up, his book, and more.  Sam talks Colt Cabana changing podcast formats, and goes over his top 5 stories in wrestling in the State of Wrestling-

5. Sami Zayn pins AJ Styles

4. Mixed Match Challenge Teams announced

3. The Miz return announcement

2. Finn Balor and The Good Brothers team

1. Wrestle Kingdom is here

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Wade Keller and Sam break down 2017 in the world of wrestling, and what 2018 may look like.  Sam talks about Holiday Raw and more in the State of Wrestling.

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