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Josh Gross talks with Sam about his book that follows the Ali vs Antonio Enoki boxer - wrestler match, and Katie Linendoll joins for the State of Wrestling as we talk the next "guy."

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Mick Foley and his daughter Noelle join Sam to talk Holy Foley, and more, and Katie joins Sam for a State of Wrestling on Roman Reigns' suspension

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Freddie Prinze Jr talks to Sam about his time as a WWE writer, along with Vince McMahon and John Cena stories, plus Katie Linendoll is back for State of Wrestling.

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Matt Sydal talks about his current enthusiasm for wrestling, and Kaz from The joins Sam to talk Brock Lesnar, and more, in State of Wrestling.

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Rey Mysterio talks to Sam about his career in ECW, WCW, and WWE, as well as Lucha Underground.  Sam goes over the brand split, Ricochet-Osprey, Rollins-Reigns, and more in State of Wrestling

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