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Dan Soder and Katie Linendoll sit down with Sam in this jumbo-sized episode to help breakdown Wrestlemania 33. 

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Shawn Michaels is back to talk to Sam about his wrestlemania weekend event, his 2000s run, story telling psychology, original plans for him at Wrestlemania 33, and more. Plus Sam talks about the Wrestlemania build up in the State of Wrestling. 

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Pete Gas talks to Sam about the Mean Street Posse being in WWE, being friends with Shane McMahon, beatings, leaving, and more, plus the rebirth of Impact and the build to Wrestlemania in the State of Wrestling.

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AJ Styles talks to Sam about his year, James Ellsworth, Shane McMahon, flat earth, and more- plus Sam goes over Undertaker, Fastlane, Smackdown, the Hardys, and more in State of Wrestling. 

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Taz talks to Sam about what the ECW locker room was like, leaving Paul Heyman, his time in WWE, being a commentator, TNA, and more- plus Sam talks TNA and WWE in State of Wrestling. 

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