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Vince Russo joins Sam to talk about his time writing for WWE, going to WCW, success with TNA, creative today, his beef with wrestling podcasters, and more.  Plus Sam ramps up to Payback in State of Wrestling. 

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Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson and back talking Southpaw Regional Wrestling, Wrestlemania and more. Sam goes over Braun, Jinder, Daniel Bryan wrestling again, and more in State of Wrestling. 

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Bray Wyatt talks to Sam about his mindset going in to Wrestlemania this year versus last year, disbanding the Wyatts, his wrestling family and more.  Sam goes over the superstar shake up in the state of Wrestling. 

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AJ Brooks (fka AJ Lee) talks to Sam about her new book, her career, and more with Jim Norton.  Sam talks Undertaker, Wrestlemania, and moving forward in State of Wrestling.

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