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Karl Anderson talks about becoming a WWE Superstar, and Katie Linendoll joins Sam for a pre-draft State of Wrestling.

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Virgil joins Sam at his SiriusXM Anniversary show, and Katie Linendoll and Sam talk about The Final Deletion and more in the State of Wrestling.

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Josh Gross talks with Sam about his book that follows the Ali vs Antonio Enoki boxer - wrestler match, and Katie Linendoll joins for the State of Wrestling as we talk the next "guy."

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Mick Foley and his daughter Noelle join Sam to talk Holy Foley, and more, and Katie joins Sam for a State of Wrestling on Roman Reigns' suspension

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Freddie Prinze Jr talks to Sam about his time as a WWE writer, along with Vince McMahon and John Cena stories, plus Katie Linendoll is back for State of Wrestling.

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Matt Sydal talks about his current enthusiasm for wrestling, and Kaz from The joins Sam to talk Brock Lesnar, and more, in State of Wrestling.

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Rey Mysterio talks to Sam about his career in ECW, WCW, and WWE, as well as Lucha Underground.  Sam goes over the brand split, Ricochet-Osprey, Rollins-Reigns, and more in State of Wrestling

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Audio of YouTube SOW Bonus Show breaking down WWE's draft announcement.  Watch the video on the notsam youtube channel

Apollo Crews talks to Sam and Katie Linendoll about becoming a star, coming up, finding a character and more.  Wade Keller from PWTorch joins for the State of Wrestling.

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The Young Bucks and Adam Cole talk to Sam about Bullet Club evolving, the Bucks WWE deal, Cole going to New Japan, injuries, and more.  Sam previews Extreme Rules in the State of Wrestling.

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