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Joey Janela talks to Sam about his rise in Indy Wrestling, and whether or not he's killing the business, Sam recaps seeing Onita and announces this year's SummerSam. 

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Sami Zayn talks to Sam about Sami for Syria, his new character, not being a stereotype, and more.  Sam talks about the upcoming live podcast, and John Cena and Nakamura in the State of Wrestling. 

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Good Ol' JR talks to Sam this week about returning to WWE, criticism of his recent work for NJPW, the Mae Young Classic, and more.  Sam talks Battleground, and the road to Summerslam in State of Wrestling. 

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Wade Keller breaks down WWE with Sam, and talks about new talent coming in, and wrestlers being used well, and misused.  Katie Linendoll returns for State of Wrestling to talk CM Punk, Punjabi Prison, and more.

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AJ Styles talks to Sam backstage at Madison Square Garden about his time so far in WWE, what he's learned, watching New Japan, and more. Sam breaks down Great Balls of Fire, Austin Aries, and everything else this week in State of Wrestling. 

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Sam reacts to the WWE's MSG House Show from 7/7/17 right after being there live.

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Alison Brie and Marc Maron talk to Sam about the new GLOW show on Netflix, training, Wrestling experience, and more with Jim Norton. Sam talks about NJPW's G1 Special, the build to Great Balls of Fire, and holiday Smackdown in State of Wrestling. 

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Ron Funches talks to Sam about comedy, comparisons to Wrestling, growing up as a fan, the current product, and more.  Sam talks Lavar Ball, ladies Money in the Bank, and more in State of Wrestling. 

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Alexa Bliss talks to Sam about her main roster success, this is your life Bayley, the Great Kabuki, and more.  Plus, Ellsworth, Money in the Bank, Rollins, and more in State of Wrestling. 

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Bully Ray sits down with Sam to talk about starting with ROH, his last WWE run, what's gone wrong in TNA, and more.  Sam talks about NJPW as competition and Money in the Bank in the State of Wrestling.

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