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Big Cass talks to Sam about his injury recovery, time off, and when he's coming back.  Wade Keller joins the show for the State of Wrestling.

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Sam digs up his first interview with Stone Cold Steve Austin from 2010 and marvels at how terrible he was.  Sam reviews Ric Flair's new Nature Boy 30 for 30, as well as TLC, the lead to Survivor Series, Jess Jarrett, and more in the State of Wrestling.

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WWE just announced that Roman Reigns and Bray Wyatt would not be at TLC, and that instead Finn Balor would face AJ Styles, and Kurt Angle would be joining The SHIELD!  Sam is here with an emergency State of Wrestling.

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Robbie E talks to Sam about being interested in New Japan, WWE, and ROH, leaving TNA, free stuff, and being unaware of what's happening in the world.  Conrad Thompson joins Sam in State of Wrestling to preview TLC and talk about the competition factor with Bullet Club and ROH.

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Eric Bischoff talks to Sam about Bret Hart's comments last week, the difference in WCW and TNA, North Korea, Dennis Rodman, Nitro, and more.  Sam talks about Neville, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn, Hell in a Cell, and more in State of Wrestling.

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Bret "The Hitman" Hart talks to Sam about wanting to work with WWE again, Eric Bischoff, New Japan, and his son Blade gives a take on Montreal.  Sam talks about Roman Reigns, Enzo, and what Smackdown should do coming out of Hell in a Cell.

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Charlotte talks to Sam about her new book, being insecure, her dad's health, and more.  Sam breaks down No Mercy, The Bullet Club's invasion, and more in State of Wrestling.

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Bobby Lashley talks to Sam about his future with Impact, his time in WWE, Donald Trump, and more live from the Now Hear This podcast festival.  Sam talks about Bobby The Brain Heenan, then gets in to Starrcade, Raw, Smackdown, and No Mercy in the State of Wrestling. 

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The CFO$ talk to Sam about creating some of WWE's most famous themes, their process, where they came from, and more.  Sam breaks down the Mae Young Classic, Raw, Smackdown, and GMs in the State of Wrestling.

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Big Cass talks to Sam about going solo, Enzo's heat, Carmella, being the next big guy, and more.  Sam breaks down Raw, Smackdown, and what's going on with Impact in State of Wrestling. 

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